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Tour Operator: Wild About Lapland 2 days Travel method:   Bus Region / Starts from: Lapland

Holiday Package : Two Full Days in Lapland

***** DAY 1 *****


Your professional guide will take you to the famous Ranua Wildlife Park. At the park you can follow the 2,5 km wooden board walks through the forest where you get to see all the arctic animals in one place. This is a rare opportunity to meet the local animals that reside in Lapland and in other parts of the Arctic. As you walk around the park, your guide will share with you their knowledge of the animals and other aspects of life in Lapland. The animals you can spot in the Ranua Wildlife Park include the polar bears, brown bears (not in Winter though, as they are hibernating), predatory birds, owls, wild boars, musk oxen, otters, arctic foxes, wolves, wild reindeer, wolverines, moose... 

After this gentle walk around the park, we will relax and enjoy a buffet lunch at the restaurant before driving back to your accommodation in Rovaniemi. You will then have some time for yourself to rest and have some dinner before your evening tour.


Get ready to experience the beauty of the Aurora Borealis! The weather forecasts and the solar activity reports are always checked during the day, so that we can adapt the departure of the tour and get the best chance to observe the Northern Lights. You will be informed in due time about your pick-up time and your aurora expert will come to collect you directly from your accommodation. 

This excursion will offer you the opportunity to head into the Lapland wilderness and explore the arctic nature. You may embark with your guide on different routes that will always lead you to fantastic scenery. You may take a short walk through the very old, white and snowy forest or to the top of some fells, you may cross a hanging wooden bridge over powerful rapids, you may also enjoy the silence on a lake beach or may stand in the middle of an immensity of ice and snow... Hopefully, with Auroras dancing over your heads! Your guide will always check the weather conditions and you may decide to try another location if you are willing to. As this excursion is a Aurora hunt, you may get the chance to visit up to 3 locations and increase your chance to observe the Northern Lights.  

We invite you to take your own camera with you to capture the auroras. In all cases, your guide will be equipped with a professional camera and will take as many pictures as possible (feel free to ask him!) of you and of the Northern Lights. A link to download all the pictures will be sent to you the next day. 

The Northern Lights Wilderness Tour lasts 4 hours. At the end of the tour, you will be dropped off at your accommodation.

***** DAY 2 ***** 


Today you will meet the most iconic animal of Lapland! Your guide will drive you to one of the most traditional reindeer farms in Lapland, located on the lovely shores of a peaceful lake. While taken in the surroundings, you will learn about the reindeer from the herders. They will show you around the traditional farm and, because it is the first visit of the day, you will be given a chance to feed them their favourite food, lichen. During this visit, you will also have the opportunity to test your driving skills with a short loop sleigh ride of 400m (more or less 2 min of ride) before having some time around the fire in the company of a herder who will answer all your questions and share their passion with you. 

This visit gives you a great insight of the reindeer and the reindeer husbandry. It does not include a long sleigh ride safari. If you wish to experience it, please contact us to upgrade your booking with a 2,5 km sleigh ride safari (+41 euros/adult ; +30 euros/child). 

After the visit, your guide will drive you back to Rovaniemi, where you will have time to have lunch on your own, before your afternoon activity


  • A. ICE FISHING : Ice-fishing is a great way to experience the silence of the wilderness and to experience a cultural activity that many locals practice in Winter, to catch food for themselves and their dogs. As soon as a fish is caught (of a decent size) we will prepare it and cook it straight over the fire, if the fish are undersized we will always return them to the ice. 
  • B. WILDERNESS SURVIVAL TOUR : The Wilderness Tour is a very special opportunity to those who wish to wander into the forest to try and get a glimpse of the spectacular and elusive Finnish wildlife and natural beauty of Lapland. This tour is also intended to be very educational : your guide will share with you their knowledge and passion about nature, and teach you about the secrets of Finnish nature as well as some basic survival skills. 
  • C. SNOWSHOEING TRIP : Put on your snowshoes and get ready for a relaxing experience into the wilderness! This tour allows you to really feel what it is to head deep into the Arctic nature. With your professional guide, you will snowshoe through old forests and along frozen rivers, looking for wildlife and steps left in the snow.  


Catch your second chance to capture the beautiful Northern Lights! If the conditions allow it, your guide will take you to a different route so that you can enjoy a different experience and get to see more of the Winter scenery of Lapland. Your aurora guide will have their professional camera with them and you will receive all the pictures by email the next day.

EXTEND YOUR ARCTIC EXPERIENCE! With this holiday package, we offer you -10% discount on all other daytime tours that we operate (except Husky and Reindeer experiences). Contact us at for more information.  

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5 Minimum age: 5 years
What is included

The Package includes the following activities:

• 2 x Northern Lights Wilderness Tours

• Trip to Ranua Wildlife Park – with lunch in the restaurant

• A local activity to choose: Ice-Fishing OR Wilderness Survival Tour OR Snowshoeing Trip

• Authentic Reindeer Farm Visit 

Also included :

• Hotel pickup/dropoff

• Professional guide

• Winter clothing and boots if needed

• Equipment and gear for the activities

• Photos of the Northern Lights Wilderness Tour sent to you the next day

• Snacks and meals when mentioned

• All taxes, fees and handling charges

Important information

 We will provide you with overalls and boots, but please be prepared and use good under-layers, socks, hats and gloves.   

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