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Tour Operator: Elves Village 3 hours Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Lapland

A Magical Christmas Adventure in Elves Village!

We reserve a right to change prices and changes to the content of the program.

Responsible organizer Hullu Poro Oy +358(16)6510 100

Available: 01.11.- 30.11.2022 at 11.00 – 14.00 on Saturday

Available: 01.12.- 25.12.2022 at 11.00 - 14.00 on Sunday and Wednesday, 

Monday 26.12., Tuesday 27.12, Thursday 29.12. and Saturday 31.12.2022.

Please notice price double: Sunday 25.12 and Monday 26.12.

Welcome to feel the magic atmosphere among the hustle of the Elves!

Upon arrival you will be greeted by the cheerful Elf who will give you a secret map of the area leading you through the magic Fantasy world. A living fairytale in Lapland can begin!

Follow the Elves Path and you will find the Elves hidden huts – Elves Hideaway . Elves Hideaway was kept a secret from mankind for a long time. Today it is elves pleasure to invite you to step into the Elves Fantasy World.

At the authentic courtyard of Tonttula you will find the animals like horses and sheeps . You may have a peak to the Elves storehouses, The Temple, Riverside Sauna and Blacksmith´s workshop.

Delicious gingerbreads are baked in the Gingerbread House . In the Elves School you may learn some secret elf skills such as making traditional handcrafts, speed reading, elf coding, sneaking and secret-elf-police skills. The Wise Elf´s House is located right beside the Elves School where you can find a Chrystal Eye on the roof that Ämmi (Grandmother) calls her third eye. Have you already heard about the large magic Seita Stone ? The underground kingdom where the elves, goblins, people and other folk of the forest live in peace and harmony, respecting and helping each other.

There is Christmas every day and lots of interesting things to see at Tonttula Café . See how Elves swing on one wall, another adorned with magnificent traditional rags. The flaming fire in the stone fireplace and unhurried atmosphere provide an excellent setting to catch a breath for a moment with tasty pies or soup of the day. In the Elf Shop you will find the best souvenirs and gifts.


at 11.00 – 14.00 Find Elves´ magic items around the caches of Elves Hideaway! By finding magic items, you can spin the Wheel of Fortune of the Yellow Elf, each spin wins. (Please redeem your prize no later than 2 p.m.)

at 11.30 – 11.45 A fairytale session at the Wise Elf´s House

at 11.45 – 12.15 Bake Gingerbreads at the Gingerbread House

at 12.15 – 12.45 Crafts and writing lesson at the Elves School

at 13.00 – 13.30 Stories of the life of goblins at Seita Stone

After an eventful and fun day, the Elves bid you farewell. We hope you enjoyed your adventure and look forward to see you again!

Duration: We recommend to reserve time at least 2 hours for the adventure.Guided tour takes about 1,5 -2 hours.

Meeting: at 11.00, Tonttula Café, Palosaarentie 30, 99140 Köngäs (8km from Levi)

Price from:

32€/ person, age 3+ (On 25th and 26th December price is 64€/ person)

110€/family, 2 adults + 2-3 children (On 25th and 26th December price is 220€/ family)

3–12y only with parents, 0-2y free of charge

Transfer is not included in the price.

You may take a peek at Tonttula in advance with the help of this area map  

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  • Gingerbreads

Important information

 Partly outdoor activity. Please wear proper winter clothes and shoes (since the walking through the forest is about 700m)

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