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Picking seasonal wild food

    Tour Operator: Best Lake Nature Adventures Oy     3 hours     Travel method: Walking     Region: Southern Finland

 You will learn how to find seasonal wild food: herbs,berries and mushrooms from nature. Finnish people have a long tradition to use
nature products, on this trip you will pick some of these treasures. You walk through forest and by bogs and ponds and your guide will tell you about nature
and wild food.  

On open fireplace you make a lunch together with your guide using also the ingredients you found on your way. After lunch you have time
to relax- you can take a nap in hammock or walk around a beautiful pond we are close to. After lunch and relaxing you walk back with your guide. 

Your guide is a professional wilderness guide, who tells about nature during this trip. You will hear also about traditions of Finnish forest life.  

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Difficulty: Easy

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