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Tour Operator: MunPolku MyTrail 7 hours Travel method:   Walking Region / Starts from: Lapland

Snowshoe excursion in Riisitunturi National Park

"Wow! This is like another planet!" said James, 12 years. Riisitunturi National Park is a real winter wonderland. The snowy trees at the top of the fell are a unique phenomenon that looks like snowy creatures and the silent view continues for as long as you can see. We'll wander around with snowshoes, follow trails and find our way through deep snow. By the campfire, we have nettle pancakes and you'll hear stories about Riisitunturi fell and the nature around us.

Duration is 3-6 hours of snowshoeing (+ transfer from Ruka 30min/direction). 

Length is 4-10 km.

This tour is private. It allows you to walk at your own speed. Your guide knows this fell like his own backyard and chooses the most suitable route and distance depending on current conditions. The easiest route is moderately easy and suitable for everyone who is able to walk 4km. Longer tours in deep snow and steeper slopes are more challenging. 

You can also request another departure time if you want to see the full moon, sunrise, or sunset. Please inquire about our solo traveler rates.

Provided by MyTrail. +358 50 5606 633 All my trails: 

When is the best time to go to Riisitunturi? It is always amazing, no matter what time of the year or day it is. The sunrise here is incredibly beautiful, in daylight it is nice to make longer trips, the sunset is breathtaking and in the moonlight Riisitunturi is an unforgettable fairy tale. So we will be happy to take you there at any time of the day. 

Around Christmas, in mid-winter time the sun just bounces on the horizon. Day is so short that it is already dark when we walk back using headlamps. On 21st December we have something very special for you: Winter solstice when the day is as short as it gets. After that polar night is getting shorter and days get longer. On the summit we'll see the sunrise at 10:47 and sunset at 13:21. The sun only peeks out from the horizon and blue, wintery daylight lasts only few moments. Quite a unique experience, isn't it?  

In January the magical blue light surrounds us. Days are slowly getting longer and we get 5-8 minutes more daylight every day! Join early departures (8 am) for sunrise and late departures (12pm/noon) for sunset. We start our sunrise adventure early enough to see the pastel colors of the arctic sunrise. If you choose to see the sunset it is already dusk when we start heading back to the car and the stars start to light up. When the sun is above the horizon we don't need headlamps and can admire the magical landscape in that special winter light.

At the end of February we start to get more sunlight and March is spring-winter time. Then we have long days, sun, snow, and even more snow. 

The adventure is provided by MunPolku - MyTrail. Book online or get in touch with us: +358 50 5606 633/ All my trails:  

Best price guarantee
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6 Minimum age: 6 years
What is included
  • snowshoes or skinbased skis (OAC Kar) and poles
  • warm wildberry juice and trail meal by the campfire (Please inform special diets at the time of booking)
  • 1 tree (we really love the nature around us and for every campfire we make, we also plant a tree somewhere in the world)  
  • guide services
  • Transfer from Ruka/Kuusamo center. You can also meet your guide at the meeting point in Riisitunturi
  • National Park fee
Meeting point

You will meet your guide at the meeting point of Riisitunturi, Riisitunturintie, Posio. It is about a 45min drive from Ruka / Kuusamo. You'll get driving instructions and a map link in a separate email.

Important information
  • You need own outdoor clothing and boots which are suitable for current weather. Check winter clothing tips:
  • We may stay still for a while on breaks or admiring the view, so it's wise to take some extra clothes with you. 
  • Maybe something to drink and snacks for your own use if you feel you need it
  • Backpack for your extra clothes and personal belongings. If you need to borrow from us, just let us know beforehand.
  • Remember to take your camera with full battery!

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