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Finnish Smoke Sauna

    Tour Operator: Taiga Times Oy     3 hours     Travel method: Mini Bus / Car     Region: Helsinki

Sit, Sweat, Swim, repeat!

We are in the land of saunas – there are roughly three million of them in a country with a population of 5.5 million. 

Warming up to traditions

During this excursion, you will visit and experience a true smoke sauna, which is held in the highest esteem by most Finns. As we sit in the sauna which is heated to around 80-100 degrees Celsius, water is thrown on the rocks (which we have a word for here in Finland: Löyly). This sends a wave of heat throughout the sauna, which in turn brings relaxation, relieves stress, flush toxins, helps muscle stiffness, and clears your skin.

After the sweat, comes the swim!

We will step outside to cool down and breathe in the fresh air. There is a lake just outside the sauna where we can go for a swim, and if you are brave enough to join us in the winter we will go for the famous arctic dip! Go ahead take a photo, otherwise, no one will believe you!

After our dip, we will head back into the sauna to warm up again and then we will repeat the entire experience twice more. With each dip comes more pleasure and we believe three swims is the magic number.

All that being said, there is no right and wrong to enjoying the sauna. Most importantly you ought to be comfortable. You may have heard that the Finns bathe in the heat naked, but since we are at the public mixed smoke sauna it is mandatory to wear bathing suits, so no sweat! (Okay, there still will be sweat) 


• Experience an authentic Finnish smoke sauna
• Swim in a freshwater lake
• Ultimate relaxing experience
• Do the most Finnish thing possible

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No hidden costs
Minimum age: 14 years
Difficulty: Easy

What is included

  • Transportation from central Helsinki
  • Professional guide
  • Sauna entry fee
  • Sauna-sandals 
  • A towel

Important information

Water bottle (you can also purchase a drink from the sauna café)

Bathing suit

  • Soaps and shampoo


 Requires basic fitness level 

Not wheelchair accessible 

  • Not for people with serious medical conditions 
  • This product operates rain or shine, except in the case of extreme weather events like thunderstorm   

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